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Negative net worth

Do you struggle with managing your finances? Do you have more debt than cash? Do you find yourself continually making poor financial choices? If so, then you need this book! It will be the most entertaining yet inspiring read about money you have ever experienced. This book is full of stories, memes,  encouragement, and biblical truths, all designed to help you learn from the author's hard-knock life lessons on managing his personal finances and getting on a path to building wealth. 

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Meet the Author


Matthew Collings is a military veteran, public school administrator, and author. He is passionate about faith, finances, life, and loves to use his experiences to motivate and encourage others. He is the author of the #1 New Released Book on personal finance on Amazon.com, Negative Net Worth. This book is about hard-knock life lessons in finance and the path to changing your financial future. His honest and transparent story about his past struggles with money serves to inspire others to avoid the same financial mistakes he made and to help others find the motivation to change their financial future. His light-hearted, honest, and faith-based approach to changing your view of money makes this read fun, engaging, and is sure to inspire you to take a hard look at your personal financial situation. He also shares a love for humorous memes, so his books are littered with his favorites, sure to make you laugh as you learn.

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